Every day is filled with small miracles.

Every day is filled with small miracles.

You know that every day I struggle.  Struggle with my life.  Desperate to have my own life back, but compelled to stay quietly with my dad.  Feeling bound and gagged, but loving him and wanting his life to be good.  Anyway, I live vicariously through others.  Mostly blogs these days.  One of my more newer blogs is http://miss-britt.com

She brings a quiet hope to my life.  She brings encouragement.  Her words fit me personally.  I have all the inner questions, and she addresses them and makes me feel hopeful and alive.  And I know that all of my crazy dreams about wanting more, searching for more are normal “for me”.  I most often live in a dream world, but the feeling of wanting “more”, searching for “more” is always the driving force.  Her writing makes those feelings feel positive.  I wish that I were a better communicator.  I can only agree when someone else writes the words.  They do not flow spontaneously for/from me.  But I certainly recognize them when I hear/read them.  Life is so short.  I feel like I am wasting so much time.  But so what.  This IS my life.  Don’t really have an “ending” in mind.  Just would like to wander around and experience the Now.  I guess the “wander around” – Further –  lol is what I’m yearning.  It’s all good.  I always feel better when I acknowledge the direction I intend to follow  –  some    day…. 

HEY!  I have just started reading “Senior Fitness, The Diet and Exercise Program for Maximum Health and Longevity”, by Ruth E. Heidrich, PhD.

Already loving it.  I know some of what she is going to write about.  Really feel like this is the direction that I want to follow.

11:00am  Just downloaded the app “Angry Birds” to my android cell phone.  Of course, the first time to download an app is always the most time-intensive.  Naturally, having a few glitches.  Hang around.  I should have this baby up-and-running in the next few days.  lol

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