Great sources of calcium include 1/4 cup of raisins, dates, prunes or other dried fruit.  Dried fruit is packed with boron, a mineral that helps calcium latch onto bone tissue.  Other top sources of the mineral include hazelnuts, almonds and avocados.
Canned fish such as sardines and canned salmon.
Cabbage, broccoli, kale, bok choy, mustard and turnip greens,
Dairy includes milk, yogurt and cheese.  Opt for low-impact exercise.  Tai chi, walking, or swimming.

Prevent Arthritis

Lose 3 pounds a year. 
Take up bicycling to repair cartilage.
Take 1 g. of fish oil daily (or eating 18 oz. of fish weekly).
Snack on sunflower seeds.  They are a great source of selenium.

Fall Allergy relief

Reduce sensitivity with walnuts.
Find perilla oil capsules in your health-food store; follow the package directions for dosage.
Stop symptoms with a natural saline spray or neti pot flush.


Mushrooms add years to your life. 
Prevents cancer by controlling estrogen.
Shed pounds.  Sub a 4-oz. portobello mushroom for a 4-oz. grilled hamburger – and you could lose 10 pounds in eight weeks without changing your eating habits in any other way. 
Mushrooms are packed with appetite-taming fiber, selenium and copper – plus, they contain polysaccharides, a type of carbohydrate that stabilizes blood sugar, preventing diet-sabotaging cravings.
Mushrooms rev up immune cells and fend off viruses such as those that cause colds and the flu.
Mushrooms keep your heart healthy by cutting cholesterol. 
White button mushrooms.
Enokis have a delicate fruity falvor; serve raw in sandwiches and salads, or add to soups and cooked dishes at the last moment.
Maitakes (aka hen of the woods) have a rich, woody taste and a meaty texture; try them sauteed in butter or in place of button mushrooms.
Portobellos are meaty and large, making them perfect for grilling or roasting.
Shitakes have the eartiness of wild mushrooms and work well in stir-fries, soups and side dishes.

Eliminate Wheat

Today’s farmers grow a newfangled variety of wheat “that produces super-size crops.”  It also produces super-size waistelines.  Modern wheat raises blood sugar more than table sugar does – which inevitably leads to weight gain.  Wheat has a bigger impact on fat storage than any other ingredient. 
Foods include bread, pasta, products that include starches, emulsifiers, and leavening agents.  Granola, processed meat, seasoning mixes, chewing gum and tortilla chips.

Cutting wheat could cure your arthritis, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, acne, tummy troubles, weight gain problems.


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