Lunch with Cousin Roseanna Candelario

Lunch with Cousin Roseanna Candelario

 Roseanna Candelario, Ray Magorno, Mary Baca

 Roseanna and Ray

 Angelo Magurno and Roseanna

 Rocky Candelario

 Ronda Candelario

 Roy Candelario Jr.

Tony Magurno

Here’s a few pictures from our lunch today with our Candelario family.  Roseanna, Mary and Angelo’s father, Dominic (LOVED HIM!) is my dad’s father (Fred’s) brother.  Though their name is/was Magurno and we are Magorno.  I think Magurno is probably the real spelling, but there is a lot of confusion, and no real answers how Fred’s 9 children are Magorno’s.

We had homemade cavatities, garlic bread.  Just a great spread.  Lots of fun.  We had a great day.  Lots of adorable grand children everywhere.

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