A little work and a lot of hope go a long way!

A little work and a lot of hope go a long way!

Turns out the LaMesa RV in Dublin, was at the RV show at the Oakland Coliseum today.  So, I went out there to look at the Pleasure-Way Class B RVs.  Super expensive, brand new, limited storage, low mileage.  I am definitely leaning toward – when the day ever comes – a Roadtrek 170 with the extra Armoir and other storage they offer.  Probably in the late 90’s to mid 2000’s.  I feel like I am roped, tied, and gagged these days.   It’s my own fault.  I just wish I could be happier about my life right now.  There just doesn’t feel like there is any way to make us both happy at the same time.  So much easier, just to make dad happy – in his own way. 

I’m probably just hungry and tired. Let me go take care of that! lol

Tony and Susan stopped in for about an hour.  They are on vacation.  They are going to the motorcycle show in Monterey.  They just bought a BMW motorcycle.  Tony says they will ride the BMW to the motorcycle show to Monterey from Anaheim next year.  Doesn’t that sound like a blast.  Lots of fun.

Jacuzzi and pool felt so terrific tonight.

Deaunn called.  They have completely cleaned up and redid Auntie Dorothy’s house.  They are having the “Open House” Sunday.  She had that home for 60 years.  It pulls on the heart strings something awful.  We all miss her so much it hurts.

Both Mel and Carmen are in the hospital.  We may go visit them tomorrow.  I think they both are in Kaiser.

Kat is 18.  She moved out of Cinnamon’s house today.  Not a word.  Did not say good-bye.  Moved in with her dad.  Remember 18?  Yep!  At 18, there is a lot of this.  It’s all good.  Hard on the mommy though.  It gets better.  Be patient.

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