Breakfast:  Egg Scramble
Lunch:       Turkey Sandwich
Dinner:      Bean Chili
Avoid:  Bacon, Cheese, Sausage – causes sleepiness
Opt for:  Chicken, Beans, Sirloin
Omega-3 Fish Oil, multi-vitamin, green tea, water
Beach, Bicycle, Walking
1 oz.  Full Fat Cheese daily
Exercise ‘BEFORE EATING’ for burn fat.

I have ordered the JumpSnap, which is a ropeless, electronic jump rope.  I’ve been wanting to jump rope, but I think I will be able to use this one inside the house.

Today, I went and saw “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2” in XD.
I liked the movie, but I really didn’t need XD for this movie.  The XD is 3D (I didn’t realize that) and I had to wear those stupid glasses – which always slip all around over my regular glasses.   I paid $15 for one ticket.  The regular, first movie of the day, would have only cost me $6.75.  I was just curious.  Also, the big seats in this stadium – my feet never touched the ground.  My legs went to sleep.  My legs are way too short for those seats.  (Wish they were way too thin – lol)  It was the 10:30am showing and there were only six people in the H U G E theater stadium.  I LOVED IT!

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