Your needs count, too!

Your needs count, too!

This morning I am going to see, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, Part 2, in XD.  This will be my first XD experience.  I understand it should be even better than IMAX.  They are also showing it in 3D, but I think I would prefer not having to wear the glasses.  I have seen all of the movies.  When I worked in Livermore, I listened to the first four books on audio tape during my drive to and from work.  Some day, when I’m traveling around the country, I will listen to all of them.

Last night, I ordered another camera from HSN.  My favorite little Casio, tried to die on me at Denny’s yesterday, even though I just bought her another brand new battery from Amazon.  This new one is a Panasonic.  I’m hoping it has a great high-speed burst mode and that it is light and thin.  Some day, I’ll get a cool smart-phone, like the iphone, and just use the camera from that.  Someday.  SMILE

Auntie Isabel called.  Uncle Joe has a doctor’s appointment at the Veterans in Livermore.  We are going to meet them at Harry’s Hofbrau at 11:00am for lunch.  Guess Harry Potter will have to wait til tomorrow.

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