Dr. Mirza’s Appointment

Dr. Mirza’s Appointment

Today, we went to dad’s appointment with Dr. Mirza.  I’m writing this down just to have reference down the road.  We seem to go over this a thousand times, and I want it written down to prove to dad in the future that it is this simple.

Only needs to see Dr. Mirza every four months – to renew his prescriptions.

Take Restoril every other night to sleep.  If still having trouble sleeping on the odd-nights, call Dr. Mirza and he will prescribe Valium.

Take Norco 60 to 90 minutes Before using pulley for shoulder.

Take Norco Before going to exercise class.

You will NOT become addicted – you are 86 years old and in pain all of the time.  These prescriptions are there to help you have a QUALITY Life!  Enjoy!


4:00am this morning Nick Russo called dad.  Nick wants dad and Bill to come visit.  Nick called again at 11:00am – “why haven’t you come to see me?”

Tomorrow morning, dad and Bill are going to see Nick.  I’m not sure, but Louise (Nick’s wife) keeps telling us how sick Nick is.  I’m just wondering if this is Nicks “burst of energy”, before the end.  I’ve seen it happen a number of times now.  With Kelly, Auntie Dorothy, Auntie Mary, Sammy.  Seems like my life is shrouded with people dying.  It seems morbid.  Hanging out with only older people.  All dying or waiting to die, or watching all of their friends die.  Yuck!  It’s life – but, too much of the end!  I just have to stay calm, and enjoy each day.

We had fun this morning.  The cleaning ladies came, and dad and I had breakfast at McDonald’s.  We watched a good James Cagney movie from the library, “The Roaring Twenties”.   I enjoyed the jacuzzi.  We ate lots of good food from Bill and Carol.  They got their new refrigerator today.

Luigi is cuddling with me.

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