Click on “estimate your retirement benefits” and fill in a few blanks as directed to find your Social Security retirement benefits online. 

Shed weight with a friend.  Even an online buddy can help.  Find one at or

Walk 26 minutes a day.

Sip coconut milk.

Fight fatigue with molasses.

Start the day with bran flakes, whole grain cereals, waffles, or bread.

Eating three to five prunes works better at relieving constipation than Metamucil or Fiberall.

Happy 4th of July!  Today we are going to the BBQ at the clubhouse here in the park.  For sure, Frank and Bev Mendes will be there.  Debbie just called dad and invited us to her house.  She is having a BBQ today, but we are going to stay here in the park.

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