Simplicity changes behavior.

Drove to Corvallis this morning. Mail is being delivered Thursday. Decided to get a motel for a couple of nights. A little TV. A couple of nice hot baths. Sort of thinking of getting a place to spend some time with a TV and a tub. But where? We’ll see. Made an appointment with the dentist here in Oregon for a dental splint for snoring and sleep apnea. May have to do the sleep test again, because Kaiser Oregon has still not received my sleep apnea records from Kaiser California. So this may take a little extra time – and money. For now, just kicking back and relaxing.

Having trouble with this internet connection. Keeps deleting my title and my text.

Went to Fathom Events and saw Roger Waters from Pink Floyd in The Wall.
Since I never listened to Pink Floyd, this is the first time that I heard it.
Very Powerful.

Sure enjoying this Blue Moon.
Still shining brightly.
Really enjoyed the last couple of nights as it shined through my
skylight in my van.
Smiling and Happy.

Just enjoyed a relaxing Calgon Milk Bath.
Spa Treatment.

Now going to check into the late night shows and see what’s happening.

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