Believe in your potential. It’s unlimited.

Believe in your potential.  It’s unlimited.

Last day of vacation.  Woke up rested.  Had another delicious breakfast.  Hopefully, today we will take a drive over to Hayden Lake.  Dad sounds good.  I’ve been calling him every day.  Really glad I had this opportunity to have a few days away.  I feel calm.  Tomorrow morning, we get up about 5:00am or earlier. Have a bite to eat.  Drive to Spokane.  My plane leaves at 8:45am.  Transfer in Seattle.  Arrive at Sacramento airport.  Ron will pick me up.  I’ll get my car at Ceres and drive home.  It will be a busy travel day.  I might be too late, but I’d like to stop at the post office and pick up my mail.  Saturday is Family Day with the cousins at Fuddrucker’s in Dublin.  Ruthie has moved back to Fremont.

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