A dream you’ve planted is about to bloom!

A dream you’ve planted is about to bloom!

It’s Saturday morning.  Getting a lot done.  All of my clothes are now washed.  Luigi is staying close.  I’m already missing him. 

Auntie Isabel called.  She received her new Jitterbug telephone.  It sounds pretty good.  We’re all hoping this telephone works out a lot better for her than the one she has with all the bells and whistles.  If it works out REALLY good, I’m considering getting one for dad.  Although, he has one that is VERY simple.  Just everything is hard for him.  You know what I mean?

Dad, Luigi and I went to Sonic’s drive-thru and had hot dogs for dinner.  Kind of a fun thing to do.

Ooohhh, the jacuzzi and swimming pool felt so fantastic tonight.  It was the perfect evening.  I feel so happy and so relaxed.

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