A new beginning can begin anytime.

A new beginning can begin anytime.

John Steele, Handyman – is coming at 8:00am to see if he can fix the chain for our light on our ceiling fan/light.

Well, John was great.  He actually fixed two of our lights.  I took a few pictures and I think that I’ll write a small article and put it in our monthly magazine, the Courier.  I little human interest (including John, Dad, and Luigi) and a little promotion for John.  We are his FIRST customers on his new side job.  He still works full time and has lived in the park for ten years.

Dad has physical therapy at 10:00am. 

Of course – there is Continued Confusion – and dad’s physical therapy was cancelled –  We did not know it had been cancelled, until we got there.  Vibrant Care says they Still do Not have authorization from January and they have not been paid for this whole year.  So, they have put in a call to the insurer and we are Wait and See  –  Again!  lol

Dad and I went for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, El Rancho.  I LOVE their steak sandwiches.

Bev Morgan and Cookie came by today for a visit.  Lots of fun.

When we were driving downtown to the physical therapy appointment – there were more than a dozen police cars – and police on foot – running with high-powered rifles – looking for someone.  Later, there was a police car – and a stolen get-away car parked right by our coach!!!  I keep telling dad – I do NOT want to stay in Hayward when the day comes that I am all alone.  He thinks I should stay here in the park, but – No Way!  I honestly, don’t believe that I even want to stay in California.  Mainly, because it is just too expensive.

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