You have so many reasons to feel good about yourself!

You have so many reasons to feel good about yourself!

This morning I go in for my mammogram.  I don’t really mind getting one, but I admit, the results always make me a little nervous.  I mean, you just really never know.  But, I’d rather know right away if there is a problem.  So, today is the day.

6:00pm note:  While taking my shower this morning, I got to thinking that I never received a “reminder notice” via email.  Sure enough, my appointment is not scheduled until Wednesday, July 6th!

Kat posted a picture on Facebook yesterday.  She has pierced her belly button.  It looks so red and painful.  She seems really happy about it.  I have my ears pierced and no matter what I do, my ears get infected every time I put on earrings.  Even 18 karat gold – my ears just say NO!  On the Facebook, Kat’s cousin says her belly button ripped with her belly button ring, when she got pregnant and was putting on weight.    I feel a little negative about all these piercings, but I really don’t know why I should.  If they make people feel good, what is the big deal.  I hate ever feeling prejudice, so I really need to be more open-minded about this.  Yes, that’s it.  If Kat’s happy, then I’m happy.  It’s her body.  She’s not hurting anyone.  Sometimes, when we look at something we’re not use to….  hey!  Good for you Kat!  Hope you enjoy it for 100 years.  (And glad no one is forcing me to get one!)  lol SMILE!

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