Take Your RV to Europe

Take Your RV to Europe

This is the title to a book that I currently have checked out of the library.  Definitely want to keep this title where I can find it in the future!


Boy, did I have a lazy day today.  I LOVED IT!

I was super tense yesterday and last night, so I took 3/4’s of a xanax to relax.  It worked really well.  I actually slept through the whole night.  Only thing is, I am a terrible pill taker and couldn’t wake up until 11:00am.

The good part was that Bill and dad went out to Carl’s Jr. for hamburgers for lunch.  They were gone until 2:00pm.  Very relaxing for me. 

So I fixed some grass-fed hamburgers with a concocted rub of oregano and several other spices.  Sliced the purple onions.  Had everything ready for a nice dinner tonight.

About 3:00pm Miguel stopped by.  Until about 5:00pm Miguel, Dad, Bill, Carlos, Sadie and Luigi sat out on the porching talking.  Very relaxing for me.

Then dad remembered he has to go to the NEVRA meeting at the clubhouse tonight, so we postponed the hamburgers until tomorrow.

Aaaahhhh….. I love these rare days when dad is gone most of the day.  Very relaxing for me.  Smile.

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