The New Evolution Diet

The New Evolution Diet

I read a lot of books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, groups.  I LOVE to read.  Right now, I have been reading a book from the library, “The New Evolution Diet”, which goes along with the Paleo diet eating and exercise.  I am enjoying it so much, that I have ordered a copy from Amazon.  You know that I have been reading more and more about Paleo.  I’m totally intrigued.  Not sure why I continue eating the potato chips and french fries, pizza, cheeseburgers, and everything else that couldn’t possibly be worse for me.  But, I just keep insisting that I would be healthier to start eating healthier and exercising. I know that I am definitely going to do it.  I am best at baby steps.  Need to start with one small meal, and then add to that.  See how easy this is!  bwahahahaha 

Dad and I went too early to Niles today.  It is the Charlie Chaplin Weekend, where everyone dresses up like Charlie Chaplin.  Unfortunately, the cane is not enough help for dad.  We walked passed one building and he was in trouble.  Also, I could not get Luigi to settle down.  Afraid he was going to bite someone.  Poor dad, was so disappointed.  Think we will try his walker next time.  This is so frustrating for dad and for me.

Cousins Debbie, Deaunn, Kim and Krissy have all just started going to a Fitness Boot Camp.  I think they have signed up for the two week introductory program.  On Day One, poor Krissy was throwing up.  But their going “may” give me some incentive.  Yea, right!  lol  I am one lazy gal.  I need to snap out of this!

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