Blessings always outnumber difficulties.

Blessings always outnumber difficulties.

This morning I read that is about 90 to 100 degrees weather in many places.  Here it was about 60 degrees and pouring down rain.  I decided to enjoy this weather, and curled up with my comforter and put on my socks and snuggled in the house with Luigi all day long.  We had such a groovy day.  No having to beat-the-heat.  Just knowing how so many people were feeling way too hot – made us decide to appreciate this comfortable rainy June day.


Auntie Isabel is amazing!  She Finally went to see her doctor this morning – she has bronchitis.  Yet, she is still coming to Hayward tomorrow to get her hair done and wants us all to go out for lunch at Home Town Buffet.  Again, I state what a wimp I am.  I use to have chronic bronchitis  – year after year – and I would pretty much stay home for months on end trying to get well. 

Tonight, out of the blue, dad got super sick.  Like a stomach bug.  Kept throwing up, then got really bad dry heaves.  His tummy is so sore, and then he got really constipated.  Just suffered like crazy tonight.  He just took a sleeping pill.  Hope it helps and that he will feel better in the morning.

Cousin Debbie called today and explained how Lenny lost his sight in one eye.  When he was two years old, he was in the car with his mom and seven year old sister, Maureen.  Their car stalled on the railroad tracks!  The train hit their car and the windshield came right at Lenny and he lost his sight in the one eye.  Miraculously, his mom and sister were not injured!

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