There’s a dream-come-true in your future.

There’s a dream-come-true in your future.

Went to Walmart this morning and picked up DVD-RW because my new laptop says that I have to make my own back-up – before my laptops always came “With” the back-up disc.  Bought a bottle of the spice “Sage”, because I read that one whiff and it helps clear your head if you are having a foggy head in the morning.  A young girl and her dad were selling Tamales in the parking lot, so I bought four for five dollars.  They are really big and very delicious.

Went to the RV Show at the Fairgrounds.  It’s not the really big show.  It was okay, but they didn’t have Class B’s.  Mostly they had all the gigantic Class A’s.  There sure is no storage provided.  Seems like so much wasted space.  Guess after you get one, you have to re-customize it somehow to get more storage. 

We got a post card from Bill and Carol from Costa Rica today!  Good going post office!

Bill and Sadie came over and Luigi and Sadie are still wildly making up for lost time.  Lots of fun. 

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