One step is all it takes to get started.

One step is all it takes to get started.

Blogger has been down for 20 1/2 hours.  Went grocery shopping this morning.  Spent way too much!  I read that the healthiest wine for you is Chianti Classico.  Now, the funny thing is, I really, very seldom drink, am definitely not a wine drinker, but…….  I just HAD to buy a bottle and try it.  I have been thinking about it for months.  Today, I bought it.  I’ll bet I take one sip and think, “Hey, this tastes like wine”.  And throw out the bottle.  I really don’t know why I do these things, but I just HAVE to try it! 

Have been reading about eating Paleo, which is grass-fed, free-range lean meats, fresh vegetables and fruit.  Not processed foods, etc. etc.  I buy the meat, I buy the vegetables…… and then impulsively buy Hot Buffalo Wings flavored pretzels and a Twinkie!  I am a mess.  Hey, why rush into things, right!?  Sheesh, don’t look at me… I’m embarassed.  lol

Today I received the Update Pack for The Journey to Wild Divine.  I have all of the discs and the hardware.  Haven’t used them in forever, but it is time to get back to learning how to relax again.  Tired of feeling in knots all the time. 

Did you remember that today is Friday the 13th!  For me, this is Always a Lucky and Fun Day!  We especially had fun with Luigi and Sadie.  These two ran and played HARD for over an hour.  We couldn’t stop laughing, they were having so much fun.  I think they really missed each other.

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