You are gifted in more ways than you realize.

You are gifted in more ways than you realize.

Dad’s melanoma surgery went really well today.  We decided to keep busy afterwards to keep his mind off of it.  Long story short – everything turned out fantastic – and dad, myself, Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel ended up having In~n~Out Burgers at Debbie and Lenny’s house.  We all had the best time.  It really was a perfect and fun day.  Lots of confusion – the usual miscommunication and Uncle Joe getting lost – this is why all of our lunches are about six hours long!  Really.  Really.  Really!

This morning I fixed myself two quarter-pounder grass-fed hamburgers with lots of red onions and mushrooms.  Very delicious and they kept me full and satisfied all day. 

Had my hair cut and colored this afternoon. Looks pretty good.  But, I am just too fat.  What the heck am I going to do about this.

Watched the Royal Wedding with William and Catherine all night.  That is one lonnnnngggg wedding. 

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