Make the best choices possible for yourself. You deserve no less!

Make the best choices possible for yourself. You deserve no less!

My computer kept “clunking”.  I thought it was my “spare backup” – so I uninstalled it.  Kept clunking.  Suddenly, it kept printing pages.  Lots of pages.  Somehow, there were over 53 weird printings in my printing queue.  I cancelled them.  Cross fingers.  Right now, no more clunking in the background.  I love the computer, but, probably as you already know – it’s always something!  lol

Today is Family Day.  Going to Uncle Joe’s at 12:00 noon to play for a couple of hours.  Then over to Jack-in-the-box.  Hey, it’s a tough life – but someone has to do it!  I don’t know anyone else who has an easier life.  It kind of embarrasses me – but, I do appreciate it!

Dad and I have been fussing at each other so much lately.  Dad came up with a brilliant idea.  When one of us wants the other to “Stop”! talking, they just say, “No Comment”.  That’s it.  End of friction.  For us, it is perfect.  I think things are going to honestly get much calmer.  Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Clunking is back!  I googled the clunking.  My computer may be dying.  I may have to get a new computer.  This is a great computer, but it is about four years old.  So far, I have always bought Gateway computers from HSN off of the TV.  Of course, right now – they are not promoting any computers.  Scary.  Do I wait for my computer to completely die – or just get another.  I went online- there is no computer that is striking my fancy.  Well, tomorrow is another day.  🙂

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