Spring is the perfect time to plant a new dream!

Spring is the perfect time to plant a new dream!

Today is Easter!  At 1:30pm we meet Uncle Joe, Auntie Isabel and Tommy at Harry’s Hofbrau.  I had roast beef and mashed potatoes and brown gravy.  Delicious chocolate ice cream.  Debbie called and we all went to her house.  She sent us home with home-made lasagna.  I may have died and gone to heaven.  Delicious! 

Carol left an Easter surprise on our porch for dad and I.  See’s Chocolates and a Hallmark Easter card.  Now it really does feel like Easter!  I could never explain how special Carol and Bill are in our lives every single day!

Online, it says that Safeway has Organic, grass-fed beef.  Think I’ll go over there soon and try some.  I keep reading how good grass-fed beef is for you, and I’m interested in trying it.  Somehow, I am thinking if I were to enjoy and eat the grass-fed beef every day and do a half hour of Leslie Sansone walking and toning tapes – I really could drop this weight.

Went on eBay yesterday and bought a Magellan eXplorist GC GPS for geocaching.  Got a good deal. Brand new.  $63.00 and the seller just happens to be right from here in Hayward.  What a small world.  The main reason I want it is to go paperless and read all the hints and comments.  Now, to see if I actually get myself outside and do it.  Hayward is so populated, that almost 100% of our geocaches are micro-caches.  They are very, very tiny.

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