Even in times of trouble, life can be good

Even in times of trouble, life can be good

1:00am  Heard the fire truck and ambulance.  The ambulance took our next door neighbor, Alma.  She is about 80 and lives alone.  She waved to us, so hopefully, nothing too serious.  She’s been using the oxygen more lately. 

Today, Tammie and LindaRae called.  Tammie is visiting LindaRae for two weeks.  Tomorrow LindaRae is leaving rehab to go home. 

Honestly, I love everybody – but I just spend ALL my time with older people and life is always about doctors, etc.  I really wish I could get back to the game of LIFE!  I feel like by the time I do, I will be the 80 year old.  How do you care for everybody else, but get to care for yourself too.  It’s just that they need constant care and there is no getting away.  I honestly want to jump out of my own skin most of the time.  I live in my little black cave now trying to stay calm and collected. 

I’m sure when it starts to get sunnier outside, I’ll start feeling sunnier again too!  That’s life.  Even when life is technically perfect and there are no worries, there is always the flip side.  I do need to find an outlet.  When the weather gets a little warmer, think I’ll take myself out and do a little geocaching.  Kinda simple, and kinda pleasant!


Uh Oh – I’d better stop my complaining.  Dad had just been talking about how there is only one other “man” left from their couples rv’ing group that they had belonged to for about thirty years.  This morning we learned, that now, dad is the only man left.  I really do not like to think about that.  My being “free” and dad being healthy are two very separate topics.  I just want them to both be at the same time somehow.  I’d better spend more time appreciating that dad is healthy.


Wowser!  It must be a full moon or something.  CoCo just called and Bobby was mad and jumped on his motorcycle and ended up ramming into the back of a truck.  He broke his clavicle, has a gashed/broken skull and I don’t know what all else. 

Well, the world that heals together – stays together!  Gotta always look at the bright side.  Smile.

They have brought hospice in for Cheri’s dad.  Cheri has gone to Ft. Worth, Texas to be with her mom and dad.  Right now, her dad is declining.  Our prayers are with you and your family Cheri.

Our new neighbors are moving in.  It is a couple, but I don’t know their names yet.  Jim died about two months ago and his wife Susie moved back  to Chicago to be with her family.  About one month ago Meg moved in three doors down, and two months ago Jackie moved in across the street.  There is still one more coach for sale which is across the street right between Jackie and the new couple.  Maybe this block will start getting pretty interesting again!

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