Every success story includes some mistakes!

Every success story includes some mistakes!

We had lunch today at Appleby’s in Hayward with Uncle Joe, Auntie Isabel, Jerry and Ed Garcia and Jimmy who is 90 years old and used to want to marry Auntie Dorothy.  Jimmy’s mom, and dad and Uncle Joe’s mom – Nana – used to play jacks together as little girls in Calabria, Italy – in the province of Cosenza – and then they and several other families all moved to America at the same time and all lived near each other.  So, that is why everyone we know says they are our cousin!

Wouldn’t you know that my battery on my camera was not charged!  Jerry had the waitress use her camera, so that’s not too bad.  We did all have a great time and looks like everyone wants to get together and have lunch together again real soon.

Of course, I came home and mellowed out at the jacuzzi.  Bill and Sadie came over and played.  Sadie looks so cute with her fresh hair cut.  Tomorrow Bill takes Sadie to Carl and Nikki’s house, since Sunday (Easter Sunday) at 6:00am, Bill and Carol and four other couples from the park, all leave for San Francisco airport to fly to Florida.  They are going on a 15-day cruise through the Panama Canal.  It sounds so exciting.  Their ship on Princess Cruise returns to Pier 35 in San Francisco on May 10th at 7:00am.  It sure is going to be quiet around here.  Bill and Sadie are in and out of our house all day and all night. 

I have just discovered that my camera has died!  After all of my searching for a new camera, I still haven’t found the one I want.  But, now I MUST go find Something!  Well, the search is on!!!

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