Live Stream – Eagle’s Nest and Her Three Baby Eagles

Live Stream – Eagle’s Nest and Her Three Baby Eagles

This is so fascinating that I just cannot stop watching.  This is a Live 24/7 Eagle’s Nest.  She has had three baby eagles in the last few days.  I want to be out in the world so much.  Just the peacefulness of nature.  The wonders of the world.  The simple pleasures.  My life is good and safe and fairly calm now, but not wondrous and interesting and not fun.  I try to appreciate each day and count all of my many blessings.  It’s just that, well…..  I want More!  hahaha  hey!  Why not!   I Love Fun!

What a Great Day!  We had so much fun today at lunch with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel at Denny’s Restaurant in Fremont.   Our three hour lunch flew by so quickly.  Seems we just always have so much to talk about and laugh about.   These really are the simple pleasures of life that I love.  Then when we came home I went down and enjoyed the jacuzzi and the swimming pool.  Had them all to myself, which is exactly how I love them. 

Okay, back to watching my baby eagles!

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