Hope is stronger than doubt

Hope is stronger than doubt

We took dad to the eye doctor today.  Just a broken blood vessel.  His vision is still good enough to pass the driving test.  Because of his age, they don’t think he needs to have his cataracts removed until he says he can’t see well enough.  They gave him some refresher eye drops.  I just feel much better knowing everything is looking good.  He suggested we come in every six months, but we think he just said that to keep me appeased.  I just like to have peace of mind.  We probably won’t actually go in, unless something else comes up.

I had a Great visit to the dentist.  I’ve been using this cool electric toothbrush called Hydrabrush with 8 micro brushes that clean all surfaces at one time and only takes 30 to 40 seconds to brush your teeth.  Although, I also still use a regular toothbrush for my gums to keep my mouth feeling nice and fresh.  The hydrabrush is doing a great job, and instead of having to go for a cleaning every four months, I can now go for the regular six months!  Yea!
Here is a picture of my dentist, Dr. Wick.

My car has been with the solo mechanic on crutches for two nights and he still has not checked out my car to listen to the noise yet.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  dare I say………      Not Happy!  Tomorrow, I may need to move my car to a different mechanic.  Although, it is Family Day tomorrow.  I’ll call him again in the morning.  This has been a fun day.  We brought Luigi with us.  Dad was our chauffer.  Usually, dad sits in the back seat of my car.  Although, this morning dad had a scare.  His back.  He couldn’t get out of bed this morning and really scared himself.  We decided he needs to keep the telephone on the other bed next to his with the remote controls, so that if he has something else happen he can call either me or Bill next door.  He has taken about four pain pills today and it has helped.  Never a dull moment.  We just try to laugh and keep it light.  We actually had a nice day today.  Got a call from Craig.  LindaRae was going in for her surgery today.  Should be in surgery about four to six hours.  Bill and Sadie just came over to play with dad and Luigi.

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