Let’s Drive!

Let’s Drive!

Wow!  Regular gasoline is now officially over $4.00 a gallon.  What a surprise at the fuel pump.  Especially, since I usually fill her up at half a tank, and somehow I was down to under a quarter-tank.  That was really a shock.  It will be curious to see what happens from here. 

Ran my errands today.  First, I took Luigi with me, but I realized it was getting a tad warm and I can’t leave him in the car.  So, I had to bring him back home and go back out.  Glad I did though.  I sure got a lot accomplished.

Looks like I will not be going to Kat’s high-school graduation.  The plane tickets are just so darned expensive.  Guess this is a sign that I’d better stick close to home with dad. 

Today they opened the swimming pool at the club house.  How did this day get away from me?  I never made it down there.  Well, tomorrow is supposed to be nice and windy, so I’m sure I’ll make it down to the jacuzzi. 

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