National Velvet

National Velvet

What a nice day today.  Dad went to exercise and then they went to their last Wednesday of the month exercise lunch at Home Town Buffet.  Then he came home a dozed a bit and we watched the DVD from the library with Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney, “National Velvet”.  We both really enjoyed this movie.  We actually got to watch it straight through with no interruptions – yea!

Poor LindaRae is having a tough time from her surgical biopsy last week.  The agressive antibiotics wreaked havoc on her kidneys.  Now she is going to have a second surgery to fuse the impacted vertebrae.  It’s a long process, so she will be in the hospital at least one more week and rehab following everything.  We are optimistic on a great outcome – patience, patience, patience.

I returned the Canon camera.  It just wasn’t giving me that “Happy Glow!”  Luigi and I bought him some of that new grain-free dry dog food.  Cross your fingers it clears up any allergies he may have and hopefully his tear stains.  We won’t know if we don’t try, right!

Jacuzzi felt great tonight and they are opening the swimming pool April 1.  Just in time for the nice weather.  I especially love going to the pool late, like after 8:00pm when it is getting dark and having it all to myself.  It is so peaceful and calm.  This was a great day.

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