Worry less! Celebrate more!

Worry less! Celebrate more!

Isabel Magorno and Joe Magorno

Monday, the family went to Dublin and had lunch at the Waffle House.  Do these two look familiar?  Very Cute!

Tuesday, we went downstairs at the senior complex that Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel live at and had dinner at 4:00pm.  Pot roast, baked potatoes, green beans, choice of breads, mixed salad, jello and fruit, choice of beverage.  All served by young volunteers.  $3.00 each.  We definitely will go back and try that again.  They also had a piano player and a singer for us tonight.  They were both really great.  Upstairs, they had a minor maintenance problem.  Called maintenance.  They came right over, fixed it and were super friendly.  No charge.  Included in their rent.  It is an amazing complex.  That is the good life.  Hope when I’m 92 like Auntie Isabel, that I can find a place this nice too!

Earlier today, Luigi and I went for a walk at Garin park.  I also brought along the manual for my new camera.  For some reason, I’m just not that happy with this camera.  I really want to like it!  I’ll keep learning.  It’s probably me.  Anyway, it is fun learning about it.  And the weather is so great now.  Right there, that makes me Super Happy!

We stopped at a small pet store in Pleasanton today, and the guy gave me a free sample of some healthy, grain-free dry dog food to try for Luigi.  I’m not sure if he was extra hungry from feeding him so late tonight, but he ate it pretty well.  I think I will try and see if I can find this food nearby.  If possibly his food is causing his tear stains, I’d like to try and find out.  Also, the store clerk said he had heard that beet pulp causes the staining.  Anyway, I would like to experiment and find out.  Wouldn’t this be so cool if we could cure Luigi’s tear stains naturally through his diet.  Maybe it’s time for me to start thinking about what I am eating again.  Somehow, I got distracted and am back on junk food.  I love it, but it is not going to get me the results I am looking for.  You and me Luigi – we can do this!

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