Just Go With It

Just Go With It

Dad and I went to the movies this morning and saw Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in a light comedy, “Just Go With It”.  It was pretty cute.  We both enjoyed it.  Dad wanted to see “Limitless” with Robert De Niro, but I watched some trailers last night and it looked way too mean for me.  Then we did some grocery shopping.  I’ve been going to the jacuzzi almost every day this winter.  It really takes the chill off and is so relaxing.

Then I made us steak, baked potato, and green beans. 

I am trying out my new camera.  Can you believe, I’m not sure I want to keep it.  It is a tad larger than I thought it would be.  My Casio is so slim, and I thought this camera would be the same size.  So, I will play around with it a bit, but I’m actually leaning towards returning it.  Also, I placed a few small items on eBay to sell.  Haven’t done that in a while and just got inspired.  Looks like the rains are winding down and the nice weather is making a slow return.  Yeaaaaaaa!  I have really enjoyed the rain, but you do tend to get a bit of cabin fever.  I just read that someone else has recently gotten their RV.  I sure would like to go travel.  Wish there were some way to take care of dad and also have a life.  He just says he cannot go far, and I guess it is true, but I feel so land-locked.  I can’t leave the house much more than an hour and he is not comfortable.  I can’t go out at night, he is too worried.  The only time he is really content is when I am in my room.  I’m going a bit stir-crazy.  I’d like to go to work, but he says he needs me at the house.  I mean, everything is good, but…. it’s just not enough, you know what I mean.  I need more, and it is hard to get it and keep him happy.  I’m happy to help him, but I’m unclear how to have a little bit more me in there.  Hey, I shouldn’t complain.  Really, I’ve got it made in the shade.  I’ll bet with the nice weather returning, I’ll find all kinds of creative ways to go exploring.  Hey, I’ll “Just Go With It!”  haha

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