There is something to be gained from every challenge!

There is something to be gained from every challenge!

I really want to start taking pictures and videos again, so I have been running around town checking out the new Canon Powershot Elph 300 HS digital camera.  Also deciding which card I want to get for it.  Then I am going to order it from Amazon, so this will still take a few days.

Luigi and I took dad to the dentist this morning.  Yes, for us that is an exciting outing!  haha  My life is so dull these days that staring at paint really feels like I’m participating in an activity.  But, dad seems happy, so that is a good thing.  His mobility is such a challenge, that we can only do little things here and there. 

Tammie called and said they are going to fuse LindaRae’s back.  I actually don’t know what that means.  Dad talked to her, so I didn’t get any of the facts myself yet.

Hopefully, I will be going on little adventures around Hayward when I get my new camera.  Yahooooooo!!!!!!!

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