Lincoln Lawyer

Lincoln Lawyer

Third heavy rain day in a row.  We are really enjoying this!  Today is Sunday and Dad and I are going to the movies and see Lincoln Lawyer.  Looks like a pretty good cast line-up.  The reviews looked so-so – but dad and I really go for popcorn!  hehe  Note:  Dad and I both Really enjoyed this movie.

Today is weigh-in day for WeightWatchersOnline.  I am holding steady at 194.5.  This losing weight is very intense.  Lots of work.  I am sort of obsessed with eating.  None-the-less – one day at a time.  I pulled out the scale so that I will weigh myself each day.  Hopefully, that will help me stay more motivated and aware.  I really wanted to lose one pound a week and instead I’ve stayed steady for two weeks in a row.  How much produce does a gal have to eat. hahahahahahaaaa   I know!  I am a bit spoiled.  Need that self-discipline stuff.  I am determined to lose one more pound.  Wow!  Am I good or what!!!!!!

Bev Morgan came over this afternoon with Cookie to play with Luigi.  Lots of fun.  And, of course, Bill and Sadie come over almost every day and/or night and play with dad and Luigi.  There is always a lot of activity going on.

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