Most dreams unfold one step at a time. Take that first step.

Most dreams unfold one step at a time.  Take that first step.

Dad and I are staying with Comcast.  The last few days we have made so many calls to AT&T and DirecTV – ordering, canceling, ordering, canceling – it’s like a three-ring circus.  After all was said and done – we are staying with Comcast Cable.  They are (hopefully) bringing our monthly cost down from $145 a month to $102 plus tax.  I’ll believe it when I see it.  Every single month the bill climbs.  From $86 to $144.92.  Every month they (confusingly) explain why that is.  Yet, we really like Comcast.  Hey!  We don’t have much to do around here.  This is as exciting as it gets!  lol 

My niece Tammie called from Virginia this morning.  LindaRae in Oregon, is in the hospital pretty sick.  We don’t really know everything yet.  Wishing you love and recovery Lin.  We love you so much.

I don’t know why, but I’m feeling very contented today.  It feels good.  Think I’ll kick back with Luigi and enjoy this feeling.

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