It’s A Fresh New Day. Enjoy It!

It’s A Fresh New Day.  Enjoy It!

Uncle Joe is doing great.  He is much happier with this doctor than the last doctor.  This doctor explained everything he was doing and did not hurt him.  He did get more stitches in his head, and he has another big bandage wrapped around his head.  The doctor told him to just sleep on the right side of his head for now and to come back September 22.  The doctor said Uncle Joe could probably remove the bandages himself in just a couple of days, probably Sunday.

Luigi and I had a pretty quiet day.  First we slept in, and then we took a nap!  Comcast has raised our bill to over $140, so dad and I called AT&T today and we are going to try U-verse.  They will install it also on September 22.  They said internet and tv will be $86.00.  No contract, so if we are not happy we can change.  Had bacon and eggs for dinner.  Can’t beat that.

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