End Insomnia

End Insomnia

1.  Calm your nerves with minerals that soothe the nervous system, reduce anxiety and relax muscles.  Aim for 800 mg. of calcium and 400 mg. of magnesium.

2.  Sip beverages earlier.  Drink all of your fluids before 8:00 pm, so you don’t have to get up during the night.

3.  Try Melatonin.  Taking 1 mg. of melatonin a half-hour before bed helps almost 100% of people sleep more soundly.  (Melatonin becomes less effective if you pop it nightly, so use it three times a week, max.)

4.  Calm your brain with a scented soak.  Add 10 drops of lavender, chamomile or jasmine essential oil into your bath-water.  Aromatic oils increase production of calming alpha brain waves, helping you fall asleep faster.

5.  Create total darkness with an eye mask.  Even tiny amounts of light can disturb slumber.  So switch off electronics and lights and try a blackout eye mask to block light totally.

6.  Turn off your cell phone.  Cellphone radiation jangles the nervous system, increasing anxiety.  Use a landline to make any calls within an hour of lights-out.

Is it insomnia?
Yes, if you have trouble falling or staying asleep most nights for at least one month. 
–  Difficulty falling asleep at night.
–  Awakening during the night.
–  Awakening too early.
–  Not feeling well rested after a night’s sleep.
–  Daytime fatigue or sleepiness.
–  Difficulty paying attention or focusing on tasks.
–  Ongoing worries about sleep.

Dad and I had lunch at Coco’s Restaurant with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel.  We split a French Dip sandwich, so that tonight I will cook up fried peppers (I forgot them last night) and I’ll cut up the steak into bite size pieces.  Unfortunately, last night dad did not get to eat his.  There was gristle and he just does not have the strength to cut the meat anymore.  Getting older sucks!  Turns out tomorrow Uncle Joe has to go back to the doctors.  They either didn’t get it all out, or the cyst in the back of his head is growing again!  Sometimes it seems like it never ends with doctors.  He is determined to drive himself and not ask Tommy.  You have to be tough to be old.  I might make it to 60 – I’m a pansy. lol.  Can’t believe I’m the one that is going to be left all alone to grow old.  No spouse.  No kids.  No support.  I thought I’d wait to later to get tough.  That’s a lot of work to be tough for 40 years straight.  I plan on living past 100.  I kinda really don’t want to be tough though.  I just want to be happy and care-free.  I have a lot of things I still want to do and everything is on hold right now while I take care of dad.  He really is a fulltime job.  I guess just knowing I will have so much freedom later gives me the patience to wait for now.

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