Remove Stains From Plasticware

Remove Stains From Plasticware

1.  Plop two denture tablets and fill with warm water. 

2.  Squeeze half a lemon with 1 tsp. baking soda and let sit overnight.

3.  Place container in sunlight for a few hours.

4.  Add Cascade Plastic Booster to the pre-wash cup of your dishwasher.

5.  Mix 1 Tbs. bleach in 1 cup  warm water and pour in the container for an hour, then rinse container with hot water and dish soap until you can no longer smell the bleach.

Prevent Stains from Plasticware

Use cooking spray to form a protective barrier with foods like tomato sauce that could possibly stain container.

Happy Birthday Skip and Cheri

My brother Skip’s birthday is March 8 and Cheri is March 9 of the same year.  Here is a cute picture of the two of them.  Also, a really cute picture of Cheri’s mom Jean, on her 80th birthday.

I receive a lot of follow-up calls from Mark, at Livermore RV Center.  I met him at the RV show at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds a while back.  January 9th, I posted pictures of the Class C that caught my attention that day.  I really want to travel in a Class B – and I want to live in a Class C.  hahahahahahaa  There are plenty of pros and cons for both and I really haven’t decided.  Good thing I have plenty of time.  Plus, you can always switch, cuz I honestly don’t know what my travel plans are really.  I’m just looking forward to wandering everywhere and seeing everything and hanging out and doing a lot of nothing – and a lot of everything. 
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