1.  Switch to cast iron, ceramic, or stainless steel and use cooking spray.  Scratched nonstick pans increase risk of thyroid problems.

2.  Eat protein at every meal provides a steady trickle of tyrosine, an amino acid that’s an essential building block of thyroid hormones.  At each meal, eat 1 oz. nuts, 8 oz. milk or yogurt, 1 egg or 4 oz. poultry, meat or fish.

3.  Nourish your thyroid with salt.  To find out if you’re deficient, rub liquid iodine – an inexpensive disinfectant sold in pharmacies – onto the underside of your arm.  “If your skin soaks up this mineral, leaving no yellow color, then your iodine levels are low.”  Sprinkle one meal a day with 1/2 tsp. of ordinary iodized table salt from the supermarket; eat 6 oz. of seafood or pop a multi that contains 150 mcg. daily.

4.  Reduce your stress 30 minutes a day by either listening to relaxing music; cuddle with your partner or pet;  or sip herbal tea and daydream – and your thyroid function should improve dramactically!

5.  Microwave ordinary popcorn kernels in plain paper bags.  Avoid microwave-popcorn bags which are often coated with nonstick chemicals.  Avoid greasy wrappers from fast-food restaurants and avoid take-out pizza boxes. 

6.  Favor hardwood floors over carpeting with stain-resistant coatings.

7.  Eat ‘COOKED’  broccoli and other crucifers.

8.  Eat pumpkin seeds – they are loaded with zinc – which can help stabilize an out-of-whack thyroid.

Mangoes – A daily serving is a top source of selenium, a trace mineral that helps your thyroid gland produce the energizing hormones thyroxine and trilodothyronine.

Curb slowdowns sooner…rather than later.  Even if tests show your thyroid is only slightly out of whack, it’s not wise to delay treatment.  Early treatment – before symptoms have flared – helps prevent weight gain, strengthens bones and muscles and cuts your risk of heart disease in half!

Know the signs.  If at least three of these statements are true for you, consider asking your doctor test your thyroid function.

–  I feel exhausted by bedtime, but have trouble sleeping.
–  I usually wake up tired, no matter how long I’ve slept.
–  I often feel chilly, even when others don’t.
–  I struggle with anxiety/panic.
–  Even when I watch what I eat, I have trouble losing weight.
–  I often have sore muscles and/or achy joints.
–  I struggle with digestive problems, allergies or infertility.
–  I feel mentally sluggish, unfocused and/or forgetful.
–  I have dry skin or skin problems, such as acne or eczema.
–  I’m prone to depression or blue moods.
–  My hair is dry and straw-like.
–  My eyebrows and/or hair seem to be thinning.
–  I’ve tried antidepressants for depression – or estrogen for menopausal symptoms – but they didn’t help.

Good News!  A few months ago, a blood test showed my thyroid was out of range and I might need to take a pill every day forever!  So far, at 59, I am blessed that I do not need any pills at all.  I took a follow-up blood test yesterday and got my results this morning.  My numbers are back in the “Normal” range.  Whoopee!!  Now, I will try and follow these few simple rules to keep it there.  I like to be healthy.  And I like to not take medications.

We’re off to take dad to Physical Therapy.  Luigi is coming with us today.  Luigi and I will go wait in the car – play with YouTube on my cell phone – and watch Barbra Streisand videos.  A Perfect Morning!

Rented a movie from the library, “A Face In The Crowd” – it’s in black and white from 1957 starring Andy Griffith with Patricia Neal, Walter Matthau, and Lee Remick.  I really enjoyed it.  Dad slept through most of it.  They really worked him hard today at Physical Therapy.  So I made us root beer floats to up the energy.  I’m trying harder today to stay closer to my WeightWatchers Plus Points, so I will probably have a salad for dinner tonight – and my mango!

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