March Madness RV Sale at Stoneridge

March Madness RV Sale at Stoneridge

Today was the first day for the Livermore RV Center’s RV sale in Pleasanton at Stoneridge.  What a bust.  It was mostly trailers with a few Class A’s and fewer Class C’s.  The couple of Class C’s that Luigi and I checked out were really smelly and disgusting inside.  We didn’t even stick around to take any pictures.  Oh well.  It was still fun to take a quick ride out there.

Dad and I went and visited Rose today at her Assisted Living House.  It is so wonderful there.  She is so happy.  They are friendly, helpful, everything.  The owner, a very young looking – with three grown children – asian woman came bouncing in and gave every single resident a great big kiss.  They treat everybody – even dad and I – like a warm, loving family.  We had such a nice visit in the backyard, where they are adding three more rooms for residents.  The whole house were doing their exercises when we first arrived. 

Then we headed out for lunch.  They are doing a big construction job down all of Castro Valley Blvd.  It look us about 45 minutes to drive about 3 miles through town.  It was really fun watching the big cranes – front row and center.  They were placing the huge cement road dividers down the boulevard.  It was fascinating to see how they get them to all connect together.  While we were eating lunch at El Rancho Steakhouse, the crane showed up in front of the big window and we had a front row seat to the action for a second time. 

The last four restaurants we have eaten at this week, we have had the best wait service.  They just all couldn’t be friendlier, more helpful.  It sure makes eating out lots more fun.  It’s usually the exception, but we’re on a run and we are loving it.

Went to the jacuzzi tonight.  I definitely prefer to be alone, but Anthony is stalking me a bit right now.  I have tried to politely and firmly tell him “not interested”, but I need to change up my routine pronto and keep this simple.

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