Silk Sheets

Silk Sheets

Yep, I finally ordered silk sheets.  I’ve been wanting to for years.  I had forgotten how I use to Love wearing silk shirts when I was working – and now have outgrown All of them.  The fact is I spend most of my time in my dark room and don’t have a desk, so I use my adjustable bed and laptop computer.  If not now – When?!  I am very happy that I finally did this.  Hopefully, this will also be another piece to the puzzle for sleeping cooler and better.  There was light leaking into my room and I finally taped all the sides completely down all around on my new black out shades.  Now, it is nice and Dark.

We had such a fun time at lunch with Kenny and Lisa at Shari’s restaurant in Castro Valley.  No pictures.  Lisa is really trying to get well from her appendicitis and will be grateful I have saved the camera for a better day.  She is a real trooper.  Looks like she may not quite be ready to go back to work next week – so hope we can do one more lunch together while she is getting well.

Here are a couple of pictures of cousins Debbie and Deaunn at our big Family Lunch last Saturday at the Elephant Bar in Dublin.

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