Dad Had A Great Birthday

Dad Had A Great Birthday

Dad received 17 Facebook Happy Birthday messages, THREE birthday cakes – one from Rose at exercise class and one from Miguel at the clubhouse and one from Bill and Carol.    Presents, plus lots of delicious food presents from Bill and Carol to feed us until his next birthday.  Lots of telephone calls wishing him Happy Birthday and we went out to IHOP and had a great birthday dinner.  He was really touched by all the love that he received.  This was a Beautiful day.

Today our cleaning ladies come at 8:30am.  We will grab a quick bite a McDonald’s, because at 11:00am he has a doctor appointment with Dr. Gavrell.   At 1:00pm we will meet for lunch at Shari’s Restaurant in Castro Valley with Uncle Joe, Auntie Isabel, Kenny and Lisa.  Turns out at 4:00pm Debbie and Deaunn are having dinner at Shari’s.  Would have been fun if we could have all eaten together.  But, I’m sure we will another day. 

I put up black-out curtains a couple of days ago in my bedroom and they are working great.  Hopefully, this is one more piece of the puzzle to helping me sleep better. 

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