Second Weigh-In

Second Weigh-In

How’d I do that!?  I over ate so much this week and was so miserable – and yet, somehow my
Weigh In says that I LOST half a pound!  Must be Beginner’s Luck!  haha  Anyway, dad and I went grocery shopping this morning and I picked up some fruits and vegetables and stuff.  Really want to focus on Weight Watchers Points and drop this weight. 

Today, I returned my Canon camera to Walmart.  The new models are coming out in March and I’ll start deciding what I want to do then.

Later I drove up to Garin Park and spent a few peaceful hours.  It feels so good to get away. 

All I ever think about is getting a campervan and traveling and being free.  Thank goodness for dreams.  Yet, I constantly count my blessings for today.  Dad and Luigi and I are all healthy and the whole family is healthy and well cared for.  Okay, now, let’s get traveling!  Yahooo!

I’m off to a good start.  WeightWatcher’sPlus says Zero Points for fruits and vegetables.  I always get hungry in the middle of the night – and I had a pear!  The best part is, this one was actually ripe and juicy and sweet.  yummmy.   Also, I looked on the computer because the family is having lunch at Denny’s today and I found the Senior French Toast with one egg for only 8 points.  Eating at restaurants turns out to usually be VERRRY High in Points.  This will be an interesting challenge as we eat out several times a week.  But, I always love a good project. 

Cousins Kenny, Bobby and Elizabeth at Family Lunch
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