Getting Started With Weight Watchers Online

Getting Started With Weight Watchers Online

Okay, here I am with all my heavy weight.  HOPEFULLY, I will begin to decrease down to a healthy weight.  Might as well post these pictures and stop hiding and start getting excited about getting back to a healthy weight.  Until I was 40, I always weighed 108  and sometimes less.  I never gave weight a thought.  I was hoping it would just come off by itself, but looks like I do have to make a conscious effort.  Hey, that is what is so great about having this blog.  This will be one of my new projects and it will be fun.

Actually, I just had to post all three of these pictures, because I Love the way Luigi is looking up at me.  He is such a great supporter and fun companion.

Slowly, I am tackling my new WeightWatchers program.  Yesterday, I went shopping to find better food choices.  Some are good.  Some, after checking the WeightWatchers website’s Points Tracking, I can do even better.  It will definitley be a process.  Very encouraging.  I did go over my points today, but only a couple of points.  For me, that is a success.  Looks like this is going to be my area of focus for now.  It would be so exciting to start dropping the pounds.  I have talked about it for years, and now with the WeightWatchers website, it feels like I can turn to it for help, advice and ideas.  One day at a time.  It needs to be fun and satisfying and keep me full.  Hopefully, not so many “food coma’s”.  That will leave more hours in the day to be more productive.

Best of all, when I go off RVing, I will be at a healthy weight and know how to eat without living off fast food.

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