Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand

I am consumed by all things Barbra.  I realize now that I don’t mention her enough in my very own blog.  I love, love, love Barbra.  I have every single one of her CDs and DVDs.  She is part of my everyday life.  She brings me my greatest happiness and joy.  She sang on the Grammy’s last night.  Sometimes I feel like she is my own private, special joy and forget about the millions of others who are thrilled by her too.  Whatever I write about in my blog, always remember Barbra is a part of my day also.

It is after 8:00 pm and I have done really well with my WeightWatcher’s points.  Tomorrow, I will go shopping and pick up a couple of things like fruits and vegetables.

Tonight, the jacuzzi was wonderful. 

This high definition on the tv is really wonderful too.  Just wish there were something interesting to watch – like football. 🙂

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