Sleeping Better

Sleeping Better

The last few nights I have been sleeping better. 
Late in the evening I am drinking a cup of  Sleepy Time hot tea. 
Taking one tablet of Nature’s Way Ashwagandha, from the health food store, to help relax.
Sleeping in the buff to stay cooler.
Hope these steps continue helping long-term.

Dad and I had a good breakfast this morning – hot Italian sausage, cheese and garlic omelettes and orange juice.  Haven’t started seriously counting points for Weight Watchers yet.  Need to take the time to start taking that seriously.

Then we went over to Best Buy and bought a quality HDMI cable for our new TV.  Definitely made a big difference.  We also found out we need to start using our HD channels.  There is a huge difference between Channel 2 and Channel 702.  It took about ten tries, but I think dad is finally getting the difference.  He says he doesn’t see much difference between regular and HD, so I guess he is not seeing things as well as I had thought.  Dad has cataracts – but they are not “ripe” enough yet to remove.  Very annoying.  When mom had hers removed, she suddenly could see everything so much better.  Finally, when we found NASCAR with all the names written in the scroll across the top, he was able to see how much better.  That really changed things for the better.

Well, this is my blog, so I’ll tell the truth.  I’m out of control.  Feel stressed all the time.  Since I joined Weight Watcher’s a few days ago, I have gone from 198 to 201.5.  Yep, I’m just plain out of control.  Went online to the library tonight and requested several Weight Watcher’s cookbooks.   I need to start tracking my points and taking this seriously.  One of the gals, Bonnie, at the Chinese New Year’s Dinner – has lost 27 pounds on Weight Watcher’s – one pound each week.  I need to put my full focus on this to make it happen, because I just eat 24 hours a day now.  Just kind of a mindless, stressful, stuffing of goodies.  Yeah, I love junk food. 
Ready…. Set….. Go!

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