Flower Essences – More Energy, Happiness and Confidence

Flower Essences – More Energy, Happiness and Confidence

Health-food stores and VitaCost.com under the brand names Bach and Flower Essences FES.
Two drops under tongue, four times a day.

Fall Asleep Faster with “white chestnut”.
Quiets racing mind and nagging thoughts.  Relieves excessive anxiety.

Maximize Alertness with “morning glory”.
Gets you going through those groggy mornings.

Creative Solutions with “iris”.
Helps with writer’s block and inspires solutions to problems when feeling stuck.  Frees up your imagination.

Stay Cool, Calm and Collected with “Bach Rescue Remedy”.
Stop slight worry to a full-blown panic attack.  Treat shock or trauma in disaster situations.
I’ve used this one myself during crisis and it really did work.  My chiropractor had told me about it.

Feel Happier and Relieve Grieving with “borage”.
Lifts spirits and gives you a brighter outlook.  Relieves depression.  
Use for grieving of lost loved ones.

Improve Concentration with “clematis”.
Relieves hyperactivity and increases attention span.  Improves focus and awareness,helping to ground you.

Relieve Tension with “agrimony”.
Relieve  stress and anxiety, particularly in folks who put on a happy face to mask their insecurity and worry.  hmmm  I should look into this one.  Used for more than 1,000 years for depression to stomach problems.  Loaded with healthy natural chemicals like tannins and flavonoids that help brain function

Swiss Wellness Secrets

Walk barefoot to activate your body’s healing powers.
Ricola Natural Herb Cough Drops shrink sore throat tissues and alleviate bronchitis.
Swiss cheese improves mood and relieves anxiety.
Familia 100% Natural Swiss Muesli Cereal sold in most supermarkets with oats, fruit and nuts.
Apple a day.
Shower – end with cold burst of water.

Sleepless Nights

Rub earlobes using thumb and index finger (first finger) for 30 seconds, or until ears feel hot. 
Switch off all electronics.
Hot tea one hour before bedtime calms anxiety and stress and helps prevent nighttime wakening.
Sleeping in the buff keeps you cooler and slumbering all night enjoying uninterrupted, restful sleep.

What You Eat

Trade processed food for natural food.
Oats instead of Cheerios.
Baked potato instead of chips.
Fruit instead of candy.
Oilive Oil instead of margarine.
Green tea instead of soda.
Eat fish and plant-based foods.
Salmon, tuna, veggies.
Nuts, red wine and dark chocolate.

Reflectix – Shiny Side Out in the Summer and In In the Winter

I put up reflectix on my bedroom window last year, because I have a lot of heating and cooling issues in that room.  I didn’t realize you should turn the reflectix in the summer and winter.  Although, really the hot westerly sun in the summer is a scorcher on that window, so most likely I will just keep the shiny side out.  Anything to keep things simple is my motto.

Comcast Cable is coming again today.  Our TV has completely stopped working.  All we get is the blue screen.

My poor dad is losing it and he’s taking me with him.  He got a new paper-shredder the other day – and today I find he’s been shredding papers that we need from our file cabinet – and throwing out the folders – and he does NOT remember doing it.  Somebody, please come take me away now.  He has promised to not go in the files any more – but, we know he will.  Every single day, he either moves something or throws something else away.  He can never admit it was him and usually says he does not remember.  I feel so helpless.

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