Warm Weather Colds

Warm Weather Colds

Our weather is beautiful and now Auntie Isabel has caught Uncle Joe’s bad cold.  Also, cousin Al has been rushed to the hospital with a very bad bacterial infection.  His fever hit 105.5.  Cousin Lyn feels she is getting sick and is getting herself in right away to be checked. 

Bev brought over a BBQ tape from 25 years ago with everybody on stage singing and sharing their talents.  Wish I could make a clip of dad singing “Tiny Bubbles”.  He was a young, gorgeous Dean Martin looking guy back then.  He showed the tape to Bill and Bill didn’t think he was looking at the same person.  Dad has gone from 5′ 11″ to 5′ 4″ currently, and he is so bent and crooked now.  And you can hear mom’s laugh in the background through the whole tape.

I am getting an error message that is keeping me from posting pictures and I don’t know what to do.  I’ll come back and try again later.

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