Healthy Tuscan Eating

Healthy Tuscan Eating

Tuscan Bean Soup, pasta fagioli, white bean salad – brings steady dose of energy and curbs cravings.

Extra-virgin olive oil.

Nutritious cheeses are caprino and pecorino.  They contain less fat, more calcium, easier to digest.

Cook pasta five to seven minutes “al dente” – which contains less starch and sugar and retains much more protein and vitamins.

World’s Healthiest Wine  is red Chianti with bottles labeled “classico”.  Credit goes to the Sangiovese grapes.
8 ounces purple grape juice.

Mustard greens, dandelion greens, dillweed for soups and salads.

Take a walk.

Ooohh!  I tried the seven minute “al dente” pasta tonight – I loved it!  Chewy and delicious!

Dad and I went to the movies this morning and saw “King’s Speech”.  We both really liked this movie.


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