Rexhall Vision Motorhome

Rexhall Vision Motorhome

Today Luigi and I happened upon the gal that has her 22′ Rexhall Vision Motorhome for sale, that we see everyday in the RV parking here.  She just happened to be there with the RV open and we ran over to have a look-see.  Of course, it was love at first sight.  It fits in a single parking place, has the bed and bath set up in the back.  It is an older 1991, but it has only 68,000 miles.  If I were ready to buy my RV, I would definitely seriously consider this one for my first.  The Roadtreks are best, especially the 17′ for the gas mileage, but it just seems so inconvenient for the bed, toilet and shower and limited storage.  Sometimes, I consider a plain cargo van, but being so unhandy, I still would want a bed, toilet and shower.  haha  The little 21′ Class C’s can get only 6-8 miles, which I think would drive me to distraction.   Europe seems to have so many choices for economy RVing, and we seem to have almost zero.  I am constantly searching, and there is no best answer.  Although, it looks like I have plenty of time to keep looking.  After all, we still spend 100% of our time in Hayward.  Wheeeeeeeeeee

Had a nice day today,  The family had lunch at Home Town Buffet.  Bill joined us again and that is always a good mix.  Auntie Isabel took a half-hour test and her doctor says her heart is looking good now.  Yeaaaaaa

My new camera that I ordered – the tracking says it has made it to Hayward, but that it is still in transit.  Can’t wait to get it and try it out.  Hopefully, tomorrow or Saturday. 

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