Skipper and Cleo

Skip Magorno and Cleo

My brother Skipper and Cleo – a happy man and his dog!
Last night dad and I had dinner at IHOP.  Looks like we might be going to start enjoying eating out together more often.  Very cool.

We had an envelope with the check for the upcoming Chinese New Year’s dinner at the clubhouse on the dryer and it has disappeared.  We went through all the garbage cans outside.  Looked everywhere.  We wrote a new check and as I was delivering it into the mail tube, dad says, “Wait, I think I remember now.  I already delivered it.”  So we called Joyce Smith.  Nope, she had not received it.  So the mystery envelope continues.  Dad has been doing some interesting sleep-walking lately, so I’m not sure.  We just laughed, and the mystery envelope continues.

Today are the football playoffs.  So it will be a fun FootBall Day.

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