Hmmm… something is different here.

Hmmm… something is different here. I do not see all of my choices, like video, spell check, font, text. Think I’ll keep this short and see if my blog choices return tomorrow. This feels very weird.

11:15 p.m.
Aha, I figured it out.  Instead of having the Compose button, I was in the Edit HTML button, which I am not using yet.  But, I do plan on eventually learning HTML and get my own web host.  Then, possibly sign up with Adsense and earn a few advertising dollars.  We’ll see down the road.

Since my birthday is this month, and I specifically want to work on learning more on blogging, I ordered online a Panoramic Stitching Software Program and also a Digital Camera Tripod.  Should have them both by my birthday.

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