Weird Luigi Picture

Allergy Eyes

Tried to clean up Luigi’s eyes.  You can still see dark staining under the right eye.  We’ll see if over time, the allergy pills help clear his eyes.  I looked at Sadie’s eyes tonight.  She has a white coat and her eyes are completely clear.  Hopefully, Luigi will have the same experience.  I’m always trying to clean his eyes, and cut the hair that is sticky and dark around his eyes.  It cannot be comfortable for him.

When calamity strikes

I wanted to include this quote in my own blog so I can remember it.

“When a calamity strikes somebody you know, all you have to do is be there for them.  You are not expected to know answers.  Often, there are no answers.  If you want to be a friend to someone who has a terrible disease, or who sufferred a terrible loss, just listen.  Be patient and kind and thoughtful.  That is all you to do”.

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